CVB Services

The Morgan County Convention and Visitors Bureau is a non-profit organization, operating under the IRC staute 501(c)6.  Organized pursuant to and consistent with its Bylaws, the MCCVB  encourages economic development of the county and region through the promotion of tourism.

Any individual, business, or organization in good standing which supports the mission, goal, objectives and purpose of the MCCVB will be eligible for membership according to the fee schedule.

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Morgan County Convention and Visitor Bureau ~21 West Main Street, McConnelsville, Ohio.  43756 740-962-4909

To contact the Director, Devin Cain: 

For information, email:

Bus Groups:  Please contact us for itinerary planning, event services, step-on guides, or for more information.

CVB Executive Committee:

Board President: Adam Shriver

Vice President: Wendy Gorrell

Treasure:  Shannon Wells

Secretary:  Tara Sidwell

Board Members:

Jane Ryan

Alice MacElfresh

Sally Richmond

Julie Wells

Kate Johnson

Kathy Strode

Jerry Pollock

Maria Burdette

Melanie Baldwin

Peter Penrose

Cathy Strode


CVB Members:

AEP Recreation Land       Dave Dingey                      962-1205             59 West Main, McConn                                     

Alderman House      Peter Penrose         740-651-6001      70 W. School Street, McConnelsville, OH 43756     

Antler Ridge Cabin            Lee/Celesta Gingrich       614-915-4994     6025 St Rt 377, Chesterhill                                

Belly Boat Fishing          Jim Straton           740-777-2579

Burr Oak Lodge/Rest       Mike Powers                      767-2112             10220 State Park Lodge Rd, Glouster                    

Burr Oak Getaways     Mark Brunton              (740) 767-2096        10951 Dock 2 Rd (aka County Rd 108), Glouster, OH 45732
C Square                             Connie  Wolfe                   866-386-1439     Hickory Ridge,                                                      

Chatterbox Tavern           Steve Roberts                    962-6310             35 South Kennebec, McConn                            

Chesterhill Produce Auction Tom R                                                         8380 Wagoner Rd, Chesterhill                          

Finley Fire Equipment      Angie Finley                       800-545-3280     N St Rt 60, McConn                                             

Hardware Inn of Stockport            Connie Tucker    559-2222             3320 2nd Street, Stockport                               

Howard Chandler Christy Art Guild  Jane Ryan        962-5642             370 North Kennebec, McConn                         

Jo-Ad’s Deli and Cafe       Reuben  Yoder                   962-4928             83 East Main, McConn                                       

Kate Love Simpson Library    Tara Sidwell          962-2533             358 East Main, McConn

Media Group Ohio     Rick Shriver

Miller’s Retreat                 Bonnie Miller                     962-4019 607-3235          9990 North NW Greer Rd, McConn     

MoCo Historical Society Alice McElfresh                 962-4785             168 East Main, McConn                                     

MoCo Reenactors            Sally Richmond                  962-3431                                                                                             

MoCo Transit                    John Sampson                   962-9125             37 South 5th Street, McConn                            

Morris Hardware                                                           962-4261             50 East Main, McConn                                       

Multicultural Gen Center    Ada Adams                     554-3257             PO Box 125, Chesterhill                                      

Ohio Valley Opry               Marvin Clark                      962-4909             21 West Main McConn, 43756                         

Oscar’s Place                     Sharon Milligan                 962-6540             1255 Front Street, Malta                                   

The Paw Print Pet Grooming    Anne Deliman     740-651-5144342      South Tenth Street, McConnelsville, Ohio  43756

Roberts Deer Processing     Brenda Roberts           740-962-2061        3533 N Cordray Rd, Malta, OH                    

Stockport Mill Country Inn Dottie Singer                  559-2822             1995 Broadway Street, Stockport                    

The Bavarian Family Inn  Pete/Donna Fischer         962-6400             7651 Nth St Rt 669, McConn                             

The Boondocks                 Bob & Maria Burdette     962-4100             4653 N St Rt 60, McConn                                   

The Station                        Robin Horner                     554-3271             6967 Marion Street, Chesterhill                       

The Wilds                           Julie Jack-Graham            740-638-5030     PO Box 400, Powell, Ohio. 43065                    

Three Sisters Sunset Inn  Kelly Whisman                  962-3141             3840 N St Rt 60, McConn                                   

Union Hall Theater           John Wetzel                       554-6994             7520 Main Street, Chesterhill                           

The Twin City Opera House Adam Shriver 962-3030             15 West Main Street, McConn                         

OSU Extension                  Amy Grove                         962-3200             155 East Main Street, McConn                         

MoCo Commissioners     Shannon Wells                  962-1478             155 East Main Street, McConn                         

Cathy Strode                              767-2112            10660 Burr Oak Lodge Road