Our Front Porch

No matter your favorite outdoor pursuit: hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, birding or boating, Morgan County, Ohio is ready.  Located in the center of Ohio’s Appalachian Country, Morgan County is definitely the “front porch to the great outdoors.” 

The Muskingum River traverses the county and is the state’s second official water trail making an ideal destination for leisure canoeing and kayaking.  Bass tournaments, guided hunts, specialty hikes, mountain biking and geo-caches are also part of the expanding outdoor pursuit agenda.  

What else might be seen from “our” front porch?  How about a Civil War Reenactment or an historic opera house with a variety of entertainment? Or maybe a stop at the Produce Auction for a taste of something local.  

 Morgan County, Ohio. Grab a chair and share the porch.

Muskingum River